How I do Reviews



I am an experienced professional based in London and India and I have clients in London and India both. I do reviews because I like exploring different cuisine around the world and all my reviews are honest and judged as per strict International standards. I use to give my reviews through twitter or by submitting  report but now I am planning to go full on foodispy with Zomato account but I want to make this clear to everyone reviews which I do on zomato are based on my personal experience don’t expect me to put fake reviews also I don’t mix professional life with my food love so don’t even expect from me to add any fake review even if you try you  will get blocked and will be reported to review apps company. I am open to review invitations but don’t expect me to post fake it will be honest good or bad depends on your service , food and other factors.

How I review and what  what facts are involved are as follows :-

1:- Standards Arrival/ Seating / Greeting/offer chairs/menu presentation

This section do have 1 to 10 sub-standard which I observe (This standard can be differ for differ property.

2:- Service Standard

Service standard consists of 1 to 20 sub-standard which I observe on my visit

they are detailed.

3:- Employee Standards  working /product knowledge/up-selling /Grooming /Uniform.

This section is also detailed involving lot things which I observe.

4:- Menu and food Standards

5:-Table layout standards (depending on property to property

6:-Physical condition of restaurant

All standards which I mentioned above are tip of iceberg they are more detailed .

I analyse Situation of the business by visiting as a guest to know exact situation ,Reason then I suggest solution.

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