Pasta Remoli -London

Pasta Remoli is my favourite place to go whenever I am in London. This place got potential to surprise you with its outstanding service and finger licking food which is much better then most of the restaurants in London. Founded by chef Simone Remoli who was not impress with quality of pasta being served in even some of the central London top restaurants which in turn inspired him to open his own restaurant with unique concept of service of traditional home made pasta dish quickly in authentic way. The good thing about this place is you can select type of pasta with choice of sauce and cheese which means you can create your own type of pasta flavour which makes pasta Remoli different then anyone else. No words can describe this beautiful place so go and experience yourself and share your review with us. What you are waiting for go go go.

Restaurant location United Kingdom


Offers Available on website

Do check with them for any offers as we got above offer through website

Post credit – Pasta Remoli

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Image Credit – Pasta Remoli


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