Review of Chaayos Café Nehru Place India

Drinks – **                               Food  – ***

Staff performance- **            Menu knowledge- 0 never asked

Up-selling  0 never tried       Interior: – ***

I had some work in Nehru place but when I was about to go out I saw chaayos I heard a lot about them so I decided to do small detailed review on them.  I was excited seeing café interior but my first impression was not good at all, I approached counter and started looking menu seeing me coming staff didn’t cared at all and was not event bothered asking or even wishing so I end up taking Vada Pav and Mint lemonade. Staff could have sold me anything if they could have even cared asking or even talking plus Mint Lemonade was disappointing had no flavor of mint other then small mint leaves on top which means it was not prepared properly in short, my experience was average.

Now let’s go I detail review to get a better understanding about Chaayos review: –


Standards Arrival: –

  • Staff was working with no passion at all not even wished or even asked about what you like.
  • I was looking at the menu intentionally just to see if he asks me anything seeing staff not caring at all I ordered Vada Pav, he could have done some up selling by interacting.
  • Poor service staff taking order need some training on how to interact with guest otherwise you will lose money where on other hand you can make more by working passionately and following SOP for that Chaayos need to provide proper training.
  • Staff was in a hurry to take personal details rather then doing some up selling or even talking about Chaayos menu options.


Menu /Drink/Food: –

  • Menu was very good detailed had lot options to impress everyone from vegetarians to Non-vegetarians.
  • Food and Drink arrived on time which is good.
  • Mint Chutney was big disaster true flavor of mint Chutney was missing work on improving this chutney.
  • chutney
  • Mint lemonade had no flavor and was poorly prepared, no flavor of mint other then fine cut mint on top of my drink which show they prepared it wrongly. Work on preparing it properly.
  • drink



Employees: –

  • Employee who was taking order had no passion of working with no expression so far.
  • No greed or acknowledgement Was don’t so far.
  • Uniform was not looking proper you can say poorly groomed.
  • Employee showed lack of training and interest in his work.
  • No up-selling was done so far with poor host standards.
  • Employee could have sold me anything not even basic of hosting standards was performed.
  • Chaayos can earn more revenue by simple training its staff in proper way. You have good food and name why not train staff in a way that you can stand out.

Interior: –

  • Interior was really good and creative I especially like that light style.
  • lights


This lighting style I liked it very nice and cool but that blinds was not kept in proper line and was looking very bad

  • Overall its was nice and clean.


Recommendations :

1- Train you staff properly with host training  , up-selling , customer interaction etc

2-  Drinks Training

3-  Work to make sure cafe is in good shape with lights , blinds,table etc



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