Short Post on Role Gap report Play in Hotel Success

Gap report is the tailor made quality assurance report or audit  for the hospitality industry that different for different sector within industry . Through  this unique Report which exceed over 500 standards, lot Restaurant ,hotel ,bar , cafe  owners are  able to measure and improve their service ensuring 100% customer satisfaction plus customer loyalty ,improved operation , improved footfall plus good reviews by satisfied customer. Gap report  plays a key role in success of any hotel where a Analyst visit hotel as undercover guest. Gap standards have more then 150 standards for Breakfast alone and Gap for overall  hotel is Divided from Front Office , Rooms, Housekeeping, Room Service , Restaurant (Breakfast ,Lunch ,Dinner) and best gap ranges  from 80 to 100% but 75 % is also good. Gap is a detailed report where overall percentage and detailed departmental percentage is given with employee detail who served plus operate detail. When any hotel follow and practice Gap report  then overall review and operation  is improved plus employee working standards is improved as well. Now a days Gap plays a key role in improving hotel , restaurant , bar  service standards but this system is practiced mainly  in western countries only. India hotels should also practice Gap report  practice if they want to participate in world top hotel listing. Gap also act as service manual and its being practice by some of the best hotels and restaurants in London , USA and Europe.

Over 120k hotels in the world what you are doing different to win the race of top and best hotels in the world, bring difference by using Gap Analysis strategy.

Be different and create you own winning path.


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