Short post on Restaurants and its concepts

Around 15 Million Restaurants,  Pubs and Cafes around the world what you are doing special to stand out as Restaurant, Pubs and Cafes. Most Restaurants in London, USA, Europe and rest of the world are going for sharing concept style menu for restaurants rather the big book style which is old concept and style not practical now days. Restaurants in India like Yellow Chili and most Restaurants are still follow Book style aka long menus rather then sharing concept which is something new and unique. Sharing concept is unique where customers can taste more  varieties of dishes rather than ordering one and too because in sharing concept portion and prices are low. Restaurants like Nobu  , Leicester Square kitchen , Mayfair Kitchen (London) are few example of successful restaurants  following sharing concept style menu.  Big menu  means tough for waiters to remember  which means they cannot even up sell as they don’t know what they are selling but on the other hand shot and sharing concept style menu means  easy to remember , up sell is possible , guest gets to taste something  different rather than big book style menu which never get changed for months. Sharing concept menu can be of many styles like mix of Italian and Mexican cuisine, Peruvian and Mexican Cuisine , Indian and Italian Cuisine, Italian and Greek Cuisine.  It all about standing out and doing something different to catch people’s eye.


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