My visit to Hyperlocal Bar in India.

Hyperlocal Bar and casual dining completely failed in achieving even a 60% gap and failed in achieving customer satisfaction. My first point of disappointment was when I was failed to find this bar and had to use my GPS  because this bar installed signs on other side of its property instead of installing on its back side so that its visible when we enter SDA market in Delhi . What shock me more was when I saw a security guard sitting on host desk who knows nothing means customers can walk away if he failed to welcome or inform them about bar. I was told about this property that food and service here is not good but when I experienced personally I came to knows its true because when I entered I saw manager sitting on sofa talking to someone with no waiters around ,seeing nobody cared me and my friend helped our self with table. After few minutes  guy on Dj came with menu instead of any waiter,he just gave us menu and went way without saying anything with not even a single customer around I expected better service. After poor first impression we still decided to order some food to find out whats the real problem with this bar so we ordered Asian green crystal dumplings , Risotto a la milanese and virgin mojito ,mocking sangria for  drinks but we didn’t  expected anything good with food knowing bad reviews about this place. After waiting for over 15 minutes our drinks arrived and the only drink we liked was Mocking sangria but big disappointment with Virgin mojito . Finally after 20 minutes out food arrived and  guy who bought out food said nothing  at all just  left the food on the table and I felt  like a zombie serving my food but food was worst then service , Imagine they cooked risotto to death and crystal dumplings was bland no taste at all. Risotto was looking like a Khichadi,  apparently what I noticed that they used Arborio rice which is not as starchy as Carnaroli rice but it is the most widely available rice. This medium grain rice gets overcooked or  mushy easily but with careful attention this rice can make a great Risotto but for that you need good chef which I can clearly see missing in Hyperlocal . Finishing our food we gave bill and walked out and no body cared to even say thanks for coming.

I think this place lacks proper waiter training plus they need to hire ,train or change head chef and manager because what I saw was clear sign that manager was not skilled or smart in running property properly with full passion. Hospitality industry is very passionate industry and people with passion and love for this industry can achieve a lot in this industry.

I just want to say hyperlocal should train staff more because 38.9% gap is lowest in the history of hospitality and also the main reason behind   lacking customer footfall plus getting more complaints. they should rethink menu because as per what I saw in that area adding food like sharing meat platter and different types of burger will attract lot customers.

Thinks that can change Hyperlocal fate :-

1-Good customer service

2-Good food prepared with love.

3-Good and passionate senior Team

4-Sign of hyperlocal  on backside so that its visible from front n entrance of SDA market

5-A  good host then security guard

6-Good menu with lot variety keeping in mind  area and type of customer.

7-No body tried to up-sell which shows waiter and Bar men lacks proper training.

This is a detailed review will visit again to see if they have changed

I have added Picture of Risotto they served and its clear sign they need trained chefs.

To inform everyone this post is based on my last visit not current visit so I will visit hyperlocal again if I see any change then I will post fresh blog saying well done hyperlocal. I request everyone do visit this place and do comment me your review.




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